1stPlayer LANG MK8 87Keys RGB Mechanical Keyboard

LANG is a mechanical keyboard carefully selected by 1ST for keyboard lovers, whether it is carefully tuned keyboard sounds, innovative introduction of large-key switchable axes, flexible wire separation and routing, and convenient RGB magic nest driver , It is worth playing with Tibetan friends carefully.
  • Well-Tuned Keys Mobil Oil Lubrication
  • Use A Weapon Gateron Switch Approve By Players
  • 13 Commonly Used Keys With Interchangeable SWITCH Synchronously Compatible
  • LANG Devil’s Home Driver
Brand: 1stplayer
Price Updated On: 20 Nov, 2020

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LANG Devil’s Home Driver

Plug & Play

Software available to download and upgrade.

The Magic Nest RGB driver downloaded from the official website can not only define the color of each button in 1680W, but also adjust the speed and brightness of more than 10 light modes, and then define macro keys and programming for any key.


Switch Change Steps

Clamp the bottom of the shaft seat up and down with the shaft puller

Gently Pull It Out

 (It must be very light, because it is very easy to pull.)


Find The Spare

Shaft, Straighten The Pins

Gently Press Into The Keyboard


1. Before pressing the shaft, the pins of the shaft body must be straightened. The after-sales keyboard caused by not straightening is not covered by the warranty.

2. Be sure to plug and unplug gently. Pulling out the shaft does not require force. The need to forcefully indicates that your operation is wrong.

3. If you have any problems with shaft pulling, please contact customer service first, if personal damage is not covered by the warranty.


  • Type-C USB For Bond Wire Separation

    The keyboard wire is pluggable and detachable, easy to carry, and the USB is the mainstream Type-C  USB.


  • Double-Sided Dual-Outlet Cable Management Port

    The softness of the cable and the cable management groove make the cable management come from both sides.



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