Cougar PURI RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switch)


With RGB mechanical switches, a 1ms response time and customizable backlight as well as a protective magnetic cover, COUGAR PURI RGB is a highly portable advanced FPS competitive gaming keyboard that will amaze everybody with its lighting effects.
  • An Incredible RGB System. 3-Step Height and Angle Adjustment.
  • Magnetic Protective Cover. Cable Management System.
  • Mechanical Switch. N-key Rollover. Multimedia and Function Key Shortcuts.
  • Detachable Cable for Enhanced Portability

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Magnetic Protective Cover

No cloth or mesh pouches here: to truly protect your keyboard both at home and on the go, you need (and we are happy to give you!) a solid cover. PURI RGB’s magnetically attached cover will protect it from water spills, bread crumbs or pressure when traveling.


Mechanical Switch

Equipped with COUGAR’s mechanical switch, this keyboard offers both total reliability and clear tactile feedback that lets you know when your input has been registered.


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